Did You Know…?

  • Qualified Personal Representative

    Did you know that Florida law requires the Personal Representative (or Executor) named in your Will to be a Florida resident?  If the person is not a Florida resident, then the person needs to be related to you by blood.  In-laws will only qualify so long as your blood relation is alive when you die, and […]

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  • Lost homestead deduction on joint property

    A daughter lived with her mother in property they owned together as joint tenants.  When the mother died, daughter didn’t probate the property.  Ten years later, the appraiser’s office has disallowed half of the homestead deduction on the house and the property taxes were duly increased.  Now she needs to probate the property to get […]

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  • Welcome to Jupiter Wills and Trusts

    Welcome to our blog.  In this area, we’ll be sharing useful information about Estate Planning, Wills, Trusts and Probate.  Thanks for visiting and please come again!

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